Projects Leadership and Direction

In this exposure of our website, we would like to propose services related to directing all type of shows, events and all kinds of stage productions. Directing this type of events is the consequence of both – unique skills and stage impression, as well as many years of experience as the result from hundreds of similar realizations in our portfolio.

Our director- Dagmara Marzyńska-Malecka combines all the strengths and aspects required in this profession. As awell-educated musician and dancer, she can perfectly integrate skills acquired on stage with many years of work as the producer and director.

Reliable team – Anita Szydłowska holding the highest master dance class ‘S’ is a fountain of ideas and choreographic genius, her professionalism is a sufficient encouragement. Tomasz Batko – fashion model, dancer whose domain and environment are fashion shows. A man with a creative approach in his head.

The resulting energy perfectly composes the needs of both, contractors as well as technical and production teams. This combination gives the opportunity to professionally carry out any production process in a competent and as the efficient way as possible.

Our direction allows us to prepare any kind of spectacle from a small event to the large productions of shows and stage performances. We take care of every detail of the show from the scenario to production stage, setting lights and cooperation with technicians.

Previously completed projects and experiences gained during various implementations, allow us to offer our services in this area with full responsibility.

Our portfolio and sample listof performances can be presented to all interested parties when requested.

If you want to receive a full offer, please contact: